Safer Suncroft is an initiative by Suncroft Community Development Group to support all people in the community of Suncroft and the surrounding area. As a rural community, it is imperative that the inhabitants of this area support each other. To most this comes naturally. Two initiative currently running are:-

  • Text Alert Service – Run in conjunction with Kildare Garda Station, this service allows the local Garda to inform the local community of any suspected activity, crime committed or request information / intelligence from the local community in real time using peoples mobile phone texting service. For more information see the Text Alert page on the drop down menu above.
  • First Responders Group – This service is run in conjunction with the HSE. When an ambulance is called or there is an emergency reported, the on-call First Responder, a fully trained local community volunteer, will be contacted by the emergency services and sent to the location. This offers immediate support to everyone in the local community at their most important time of need. For more information, or to volunteer, see the First Responders page on the drop down menu above.

SCDG are interested in talking to anyone who is interested in volunteering for community initiatives, or have an initiative you would like to get off the ground yourself. Please contact Martin Cooper at